Our mission

We are creating an environment of community and purpose.

We strongly believe that open and inclusive communities can engage people and organizations in meaningful, diverse and fun connections to help them become better versions of themselves.

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Our values

More than just being colorful cards, our values define who we are as a company, and guide our actions and responsibilities.

We respect and value other’s opinions, actions, time, feelings and work. We also respect our environment and consider the impact of everything we do.

Fun means not taking ourselves too seriously, and creating an environment of joy for our users and customers.

Openness means embracing and actively searching diverse ideas, and building bridges to facilitate exchange.

The team

We are a diverse group of technology and social impact enthusiasts!

Maike Gericke

Co-Founder - Strategic & Creative Lead

Khalid Belghiti

Co-Founder - Product & Operations Lead

Diana Huchon Colunga


Muhammet Enes Ilhan

Mobile App development

Mourad Kejji

Backend developer

Laura Marchini

Communication & PR (Italy)

Nethal Hashim

Gamification Advisor

Georgia Sarika


Do you want to be part of the team?

If you share our values, have complementary skills and want to build meaningful connections within communities, send us a message!

Our supporters